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Land owners and occupiers

Before the project was placed on hold, our project team and our land agents (Fisher-German), met with landowners along the route to discuss how our proposals may affect the use of their land.

They discussed the most appropriate locations for pylons and underground cables and aspects which may also help minimise temporary construction and future maintenance impacts.

We looked at ways to reduce the impact on views from properties, roads and pathways within the area by planting trees and other screening. Our experts carried out detailed studies on animal and plant life so that we can minimise any disturbance and we looked at potential archaeological sites to ensure they are protected.

The feedback received helped the design team develop the detailed route.

The work carried out to date with the landowners will be reviewed when the project resumes.

If you are a landowner or occupier within the preferred route corridor and you want to contact National Grid, please call 0800 3777 340.