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In this section you can access a number of important documents that will provide you with background information on the project and work that has been undertaken so far.

You can also find out more about our consultation and access useful supporting information about the project and National Grid.

If you, or someone you know, would like information in Braille, audio, large print or another language, please call 0800 377 7340.

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Substation proposals:  
Consultation Feedback Report Version 2 - August 2013 
UKPN and National Grid Joint Substation Options Supplementary Information - August 2013  
Substation Siting Options Appraisal Report - February 2013   
Distribution System Options Report - February 2013  
Photomontages to support the substation consultation - February 2013  
Bramford to Twinstead Wynn's Report - September 2012     
UKPN's report: 132kV network reconfiguration to accommodate wider systems works - July 2012 

Section AB - Bramford Substation/Hintlesham: 
Section AB - Bramford Substation/Hintlesham Preferred Alignment report - February 2013  
English Heritage letter to National Grid requesting further information - December 2012 
National Grid response to English Heritage - November 2012   
English Heritage request for further information regarding the COR - August 2012  
Additional Assessment of Effects of Interim Alignment and Visualisation Study   
Section AB - Bramford Substation/Hintlesham Additional Photomontages and Views  

Western Cable Sealing End compound: 
Western CSE Consultation Feedback Report - January 2013
Western CSE siting report - November 2012

Connection Options Report (COR):  
Connection Options Feedback  Report - October 2012  
Connection Options Report Executive Summary - May 2012 
Connection Options Report - May 2012

Other supporting documents:   
Preferred Alignment map for the corridor West of Section AB - Bramford Substation/Hintlesham  
Underground Cable Route and CSE Compound Location in Western Part of Section G - Stour Valley