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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

National Grid seeks views on its approach to undergrounding cables

National Grid is today (15 December) launching a public consultation into its approach to undergrounding the electricity lines needed to connect new power generation. The company is currently revising its approach to undergrounding and is now asking the public, industry, government, environmental and other organisations for their opinions.

When planning a new transmission connection, National Grid is often asked to consider putting cables underground rather than building overhead lines in order to protect views of local landscapes. However there are many considerations involved with undergrounding owing to its cost, environmental impacts and technical considerations.

So, to find out what people think, National Grid is launching a public consultation which will give them an opportunity to help shape how the company decides when to underground new transmission lines.

Hector Pearson, National Grid stakeholder and policy manager, said: “We last reviewed our undergrounding approach in the early 1990s. With a significant amount of new power generation needing to connect to our network in the coming years, including low carbon generators such as nuclear power and wind farms, we believe that now is a good time to review our approach.

“When planning to connect a new generator to its network, National Grid looks at different methods, including overhead lines, underground cables and subsea cables. As a transmission operator, we need to comply with statutory duties such as building a network that is efficient, coordinated and economic to construct, operate and maintain.

“We need to manage the costs of these projects responsibly as these costs will ultimately be paid for by electricity consumers. However, we also need to consider the impact on the local landscape and communities of what we build.

“We are very keen to hear people's views. Their opinions will play an important part in shaping our approach.”

The consultation, which is launched today (15 December) will run until 16 March 2011. National Grid will consider all feedback received before publishing our revised approach to undergrounding

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