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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Local consultation shapes power connection in the Stour Valley

Residents’ views have helped to shape National Grid’s proposals for a key part of the new Bramford to Twinstead Tee high-voltage power connection in north east Essex.

National Grid has announced the location for a cable sealing end compound on the western side of the Stour Valley. This equipment is needed to join the section of
underground cables through the Stour Valley to the existing overhead line which runs
south to Braintree. It will stand in an area approximately an acre in size.

The new cable sealing end compound will be located to the west of the village of
Alphamstone. The site has been chosen after local residents were asked for their views on two possible sites – one near Twinstead Tee and the other further to the south.

Selecting the southern site means that more than a kilometre of overhead line can be
dismantled and three pylons taken down in the Stour Valley. This is in addition to the
removal of the lower voltage overhead line which runs between Twinstead Tee and

National Grid senior project manager Brian Smethurst said: “We received a lot of support from local residents and the local authorities for this location and we would like to thank everyone who has provided comments.

“We are publishing a report which summarises our responses to all the comments we received, and explains how they have helped us to choose the location for this cable sealing end compound.”

Brian Smethurst added that the comments from residents are vital: “We are gaining
valuable feedback that is helping us to shape our proposals for the detailed design of the Bramford to Twinstead Tee connection.”

Extensive consultation by National Grid over the past three-and-a-half years has already influenced other key aspects of the project; including the selection of two areas where it believes the high cost of putting cables underground can be justified.
These underground sections run through Dedham Vale and the Stour Valley and make up more than a quarter of the route.

The Western sealing end compound location consultation feedback report is now available to view. Copies can also be found in local libraries and council offices.

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