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Why does National Grid need to build a new electricity connection?

Over the next decade, the country must make the major investment needed to modernise and build the new energy infrastructure the UK requires. 

By 2020 a number of power stations are planned to close including:

  • Coal and oil-fired power stations, which are closing due to EU emissions legislation(12GW)
  • Nuclear power stations at the end of their asset lives (7.5GW)

More than 20,000 megawatts (MW) of new generation is needed by 2020 to replace the power stations that are scheduled to close and to meet the country’s increasing electricity demand.

The existing transmission system in East Anglia is able to meet current electricity demand, but more power generation is planned in this area.  A number of generators have requested connection to the national transmission system in East Anglia, including: 

  • East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm (7,200MW)
  • Sizewell C nuclear power station (3,300MW)
  • King’s Lynn B gas-fired power station (984MW)
  • South Holland gas-fired power station (840MW)
  • Galloper Offshore Wind Farm (500MW)
  • Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm (500MW)

We have a duty to connect new electricity generators to the electricity transmission network and this is a legal obligation.

This project will connect these new, low carbon power sources in East Anglia, helping to keep the country’s lights on in the future.

Why is National Grid putting the project on hold?

There have been some changes to the timing of new generation projects in the East Anglia region which changes when the Bramford to Twinstead connection needs to be built.

How long do you expect to put the project on hold?

We are expecting to put the project on temporary hold for a number of years. We will use this time to work closely with all the generators in East Anglia to ensure we understand their timescales for their developments and our programmes are aligned.

Does this mean the connection is no longer needed?

The proposed 400,000 volt overhead line and underground cable will still be needed to connect new sources of power, including low carbon electricity, to replace old coal and nuclear power stations that are closing. In the meantime we will continue to work closely with the generators in the region to ensure we deliver the connection at the right time.

What has changed in the Need Case? Which generators have changed their dates?

There have been changes to the timing of some of the new generation projects in the East Anglia region.  These are explained in our updated Need Case document.

Where can I view the updated Need Case?

The Need Case is available on the project website, to view it now please click here  

Alternatively the Project Team can be contacted directly using the following methods:

•           Freephone: 0800 377 7340

•           Email: